25 sex positions you need to try


Sex: a simple act but filled with endless possibilities. Learning the basics is just the beginning but if you want to up your game then here are 25 sex positions you need to try. Whether you want to bust out your best moves in the bedroom or that somewhere special if you fancy something a bit more risky and adventurous. The best way to understand more is to give it a go and make up your own mind if it’s for you or not using the ‘try and tested’ method.


  1. The boat

Being more specific this position is also named ‘Rowing his boat’. The closeness of this position is to create a more intimate and sensual experience between both partners and really the only tools required are yourself, your partner and a good sturdy chair. Sitting comfortably whilst you straddle him, let him grip you with ease and guide your every move. For that added pleasure why not add a chair with more rock to, so just lean back and enjoy the ride. Ease rating 6/10

row boat

  1. The rocking horse

Another sitting and more intimate position is the ‘Rocking horse’ for that added romance and  eye contact for a deeper session. Whilst the female straddling him has more control in this position it gives him the opportunity to visualise his partner giving her the most stimulated and needed orgasmic experience. Ease rating 5/10

rock horse

  1. The glowing triangle

An alternative to the ever-common missionary position is the ‘Glowing triangle’. Whilst the male uses his entire body, she can adjust her hips to match his rhythm keeping in sync with his pelvis for a deeper penetration. With both parties working to keep up their connection. Ease rating 8/10

glowing triangle


  1. Reverse cow girl

The more standard and well used position with various couples is the ‘Reverse Cowgirl’. This easy ‘woman on top’ method is also paired with the original cowgirl position, however reverse is for those wishing for a more daring move to try. The woman is facing away and with her on top she’s at the advantage to control her speed and every move, so drive him crazy with this handy G-spot pleaser. Ease rating 3/10

reverse CG


  1. Cow girl

Unlike reverse, ‘Cowgirl’ is a more forward facing and intimate position for those partners who want the added connection. This move is important as it good for those who struggle in missionary due to his member being smaller or a different shape so this will always work and pleasures both individuals. For him there is the added view of all her beauty and curves to turn up and add that extra excitement in the bedroom. Ease rating 4/10


  1. Doggy style

Originally dubbed as the ‘bad girl’ position, ‘Doggy style’  involves a lot of action with added benefits. For those who are into spanking may wish to add this into their role play session to make it extra steamy. Although there is the lack of physical interaction and most of the work is required by him calling all the shots, it is however an easy enough position to try anywhere if you’re looking for that added risk. Ease rating 3/10


  1. The bucking bronco

It can be hard to achieve orgasm for her so sometimes all you need is a move with that extra kick to it. The bucking bronco is one of those moves good for female stimulation and hits the G-spot for the all anticipated orgasmic experience. Ease rating 9/10


  1. The pretzel dip 

This sideway manoeuvre of the ‘Pretzel dip’ is a new overhaul into doggy style and involves more eye contact and hand free movements for extra stimulation of the body. It also provides a deeper penetration where he can use his partners thighs to pull her for closer for a slower more sensual contact. This move is easy enough if you get the mechanics right so may take a little getting used to. Ease rating 5/10


  1. The Lotus

As beautiful as the name is, the ‘Lotus’ is a move also good with a cock ring for a vibrating stimulation. By bringing toys into your roleplaying sessions adds that spice to the bedroom you may be missing. It’s a complete body contact move and is very connected and emotionally linked, so is perfect for couples who want that perfect move to strengthen the relationship. The widened leg stance really opens up and makes the leg wrapping around her partner easier for support. The move itself is difficult to position but with practice it can be perfect. Ease rating 6/10


  1. The lap dance

Going back to using chairs the ‘Lap’ dance is a move in which he supports and carries you, and because his hands are free he can stimulate and pleasure you further. This position is perfect for a slower session between partners and requires additional support to keep you balanced. A move that can be done anywhere for those who are more adventurous, just make sure you have the added comfort and sneakiness. Ease rating 4/10


  1. The Pancake

For the couples with a more rushed and adventurous side may want to try the ‘Pancake’, as he uses his entire body to move her in position. This is a flatter technique hence the name ‘pancake’ where he pulls his partner tightly into his arms leaving him in full control. Additionally, this move is very difficult and most couples struggle to last long. Ease rating 2/10



  1. The spread eagle

This move, the ‘Spread Eagle’ necessitates more room support for everyone to hold onto to as true to its name, it opens opportunities for a deeper and controlled penetration. Just be sure to keep the pace steady as this one is a tough move to keep up with but if done correct can be everlasting and pleasurable, no wonder Hollywood choses this position as it is most fun and daring. Ease rating 7/10



  1. The hot seat

Its easy to see where this move got is name, with its seamy and passionate stance it gives a high touch sensation between each partner. With the bodies pressed firmly together creating a strong intense sensation means he can cradle you also for that romantic touch. Proving that there’s not always the need for deep eye contact between partners. Ease rating 6/10



  1. Spooning

Everyone is familiar with normal spooning between partners but when you both want to take it up a notch but don’t want too much hassle then try simple spooning sex. It’s an easy carefree position that allows partners to connect but also cuddle with each other at the same time, seeing all the curves and shape of the female form gives him that extra sauciness in his drive. Ease rating 8/10



  1. The hyper connected doggy

In the doggy style category but with a different perspective this move is guaranteed to hit her sweet spot but also allow him to stand and caress her at the same time. Whilst she is kneeling it gives him all the control and the standing position gives less room for error such as cramping or uncomfortableness. Ease rating 9/10


  1. The stand and deliver

When standing positions are tried they usually are much more difficult without practice but the ‘Stand and deliver’ doesn’t disappoint as both partners are bound to each other. For her she bends over to allow more room for a deeper penetration, whilst he grasps and uses her wrists to support and keep her is position as this is an easy one if not done right could result in a fall. As the saying goes to stand and deliver gives 100% attention. Ease rating 8/10

stand and del

  1. Woman lying on top

With sex, every individual wants to be comfortable and enjoy themselves, so with woman on top she can rest against her partner while a cups her breasts for a masseuse experience. This is a very intense move and if couples decide to take it a step further then anal could also be a good starting point, especially in developing a deeper relationship. Ease rating 7/10

lying on top


  1. The waterfall

This position whilst named with elegance can be also be interchangeable with either partner. This is a complex move and is more suited to those who have confidence in trying a new move, adding to spice up role-play in the bedroom. The ‘Waterfall’ really extends the entire body and allows more a more relaxed pose, but just need to remember to hold onto your partner as they may ‘disconnect’. This move is not for the faint hearted and due to the upside-down nature this move should not be attempted for a long period. Ease rating 6/10



  1. Missionary

The oldest and most original move in the book. Missionary is for those who like ‘vanilla’ style and stick to those moves they feel most confident with. Missionary is simple but it can still give plenty of pleasure so is an important move to remember. This move can incorporate tools and is ever popular in those in the BDSM domain, as partners use toys or tie their partner up for that slight added excitement in the experience. It may be an original but it’s the best move to add new ideas to the bedroom. Ease rating 10/10



  1.  Lying (for her)

Oral is best for heating up and getting the hormones pumping and bring in that much needed stimulation for both partners. Everyone has their own technique but for her laying on the bed while he kneels in front of you is the most intimate position there is. Best for spending time and getting to know your partner more as clitoral stimulation is the most important part on achieving orgasm and heightening the experience for her. Ease (depends on partners preferred technique) 10/10


  1. Seated blow job (for him)

For those thrill seekers outside of the bedroom why not try a basic blowjob. The difference is instead why not try this move outdoors adding adventurous element. Bringing that delight to the interaction itself can additionally enhance arousal and bring zest. Oral doesn’t have to be complicated with extreme measures where you’re panicking for air or choking so it should be all round fun whether you are giving or receiving. Ease rating 9/10 (for him if he is enjoying it).



  1. Against a wall/ the wall banger

No one knew walls could come in so handy, these days they don’t only provide support to our home but also to ourselves. The move the ‘Wall Banger’ itself seems highly popular for those wanting to go ‘Hollywood’. The technique itself is simple and her legs can support your stance whilst standing for a deep penetration. Against a wall speaks for itself but it is not for the faint hearted and is guaranteed to have a few laughs with the ill-fated practice attempts so if you’re feeling confident then go for it. Ease rating 5/10



  1. The criss-cross

The effort required here is mainly based on the male. For this kinky variation, her legs are raised in a criss-cross action, tightening the muscles and is particularly good if he has a smaller penis for a tighter entry allows maximum pleasure. Do remember that if you aren’t flexible then this move may be trickier to perfect. Ease rating 8/10



  1. Kneel together

This position is great as both partners’ hands are free for added stimulation to other areas of the body, particularly for her. The gesture allows for him to stimulate the clitoris for that extra satisfaction whilst caressing his partner. Overall this position is great for added gentle play leaving her fully exposed but supported from behind. Ease rating 7/10

kneel tog

  1. 69er

One of the most popular oral techniques’ in which both parties are being pleasured at the same time, perfect for those who can’t wait for their turn but also to save time between role play and sex itself. Both partners are stimulated and aroused together. However, this move may be trickier as focusing on another’s orgasm whilst achieving your own can be very distracting but in the end, should come along nicely if practiced. Ease rating 6/10



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