1) You’ll feel confident:
Working off all those dreaded calories will instantly make you feel like you can rule the world
2) You’ll be in a better mood:
By having a good sweat sesh all the bad vibes will disappear leaving you feeling happy and refreshed


3) Gain strength:
Who doesn’t want a toned bod?! (And for all year round not just summer) By working out you’ll get that plus you will have more strength to do everyday activities (goodbye arm soreness while curling your hair)
4) Boosts energy:
No one wants that crashing feeling at 2 pm when your morning coffee wears off. You won’t get that anymore by hitting the gym. Maybe you’ll even give up caffeine for good (who am I kidding, no ones going to give up coffee)
5) Better sex:
Yup that’s right. By engaging in some physical activity your late night hookup will get even better than it already is
6) Better sleep:
Who doesn’t love sleep?! Well with some exercise you’ll get the best sleep of your life without trying all those Pinterest sleep hacks
7) Lowers anxiety:
Attempting to study for a test you think you’ll fail? Well hitting the gym will lower your stress and give you that much needed study break
8) You’ll get a natural high:
Who needs drugs?! By exercising you’ll get the same feeling but even better. No need for any illegal substances when you can hit the treadmill
9) Improves memory:
Always forgetting where you put items like your keys or wallet? Not anymore, when you sweat it out your memory and life might just get better
10) Last but not least you’ll get smarter:
That’s right your intelligence will improve by spending time at the gym. Everyone wants to be the one in class who everyone asks for help and exercising might just help you get there, of course you’ll have to go more than just once


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