As any child of former Russian/USSR parents will tell you, growing up in that household is… interesting… below is  a list of quirks that only Russian-Americans will understand.

1.Costco is your entire life.

Especially the whitefish salad. Your USSR-ian dad refuses to eat much else for breakfast/lunch/or dinner. I guarantee you that over a third of Costco’s business comes from Russian.

2. Your babyshka had a crush on Kirkorov


3. when you’re American friends come over, and your mom makes them wear tapochki

4. rugs don’t belong on the floor, but on the wall!


5. endless phone calls from relatives every birthday wishing you shaste and uspech

6. all our childhoods were the same regardless of our gender- piano lessons, swimming lessons, ballet, gymnastics, and Tennis.

7. smetana in soup with boiled potatoes, mayonnaise in everything, and all those other quirks you never knew American families didn’t have until you actually went over to your friends house.

8. you grew up watching sovetskii multiki like doctor aybolut, chipolino, and bremenskiya muzikanti

9. never knowing what in the world Cheburashka was.

A koala bear? We don’t know but he/she is adorable!


10. being able to spot another Russian a mile away.

You don’t know what it is but just their way of walking and even laughing is so distinctive

11. you grew up with volk and zaetz, not Tom and Jerry.

12. If you got a cold, it was because you weren’t wearing a hat.

13. Also, going outside with wet hair was (according to your mother) the leading cause of death

14. you never thought you were superstitious until you went to college and someone whistled indoors and your heart stopped

15. Forget UNO and Go Fish!

Durak will forever be your favorite card game.

16. As a child, you had more tea than water.

17. You don’t have wine glasses at your house, but massive crystal chalices from the old country.


18. Every time a friend comes over, dinner conversation inevitably turns into life in the Soviet Union.

19. Caviar and blinchiki every morning!

20. Deyn Pobedi and Novii God were your favorite holidays!


спасибо мои друзя!!!





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