If you’re a student, you know the struggle. The constant issue of wanting (but really you NEED) new and stylish clothes but you’re always held back by your budget. Can I guarantee one of your favourite stores is TOPSHOP.. right? But the problem is you’ll end up setting yourself back at least 40 just for one thing. But I have great news for all your bargain hunters !!! Here is a list of the best and most affordable sites to find cheap clothes perfect for any occasion!

1. Boohoo
This is probably the original cheap clothes site, and it’s not a surprise that it lasted this long and become an international brand. Want even more good news … they offer further student discounts!!!


2. Amazon
I know most people wouldn’t associate Amazon with stylish clothing but after a little digging, you will find some gems. One thing I would recommend is buying NewLook clothing Via Amazon – 9 out of 10 times these items are cheap on Amazon rather than the NewLook website itself!


3. Forever21
Originally an American brand, Forever21 is now and has been a staple in the British high-street. It literally has hundreds of pages of pieces for each category. Without fail you’ll find what you’re looking for in Forever21.

4. Missguided
This site is not only amazing because it’s affordable anyway but if you’re a student your always guaranteed a great deal with up to 50% student discount on top of their already amazing prices!


5. Pretty Little Thing
This a great option if your looking for an outfit to go to next weeks party! Don’t feel like wearing a dress? Don’t worry … this site offers so many options.


This is a great store for every budget! Use the filter at the top of each page to make sure you only see things in budget to prevent and weakness.

Yes, I just said ‘ASOS’ but did you know ASOS has an amazing outlet section! Its literally amazing and I can guarantee you it’s like its own little store offering everything you could possible need wardrobe wise.


8. Tk MAXX
If you love big brands I’m sure you know of TK Maxx… right? Well remember their website online has way more to offer and is contently being updated with stylish pieces.

9. ASDA George
Right, I know this one is a bit strange but I swear the clothes at ASDA are great! And best of all you can order online!

10. Monki

Do you like Urban Outfitters but hate the price! I promise you … if you give Monki a try you’ll be likejam-packed‘Urban Outfitters who ???’.


11. Miss Rebel
This brand is all about integrating key fashion pieces into your wardrobe even if you are on a budget!
12. Select Fashion

Aimed at 18-35-year-olds select fashion definitely knows what students want. With new lines added each week, this is definitely for those of you who want to continuously add to your wardrobes.

13. Everything 5 pounds
This is a new find of mine but definitely, one that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. If you’re on a strict budget this is defiantly the one for you as everything literally is 5 pounds.

14. H&M
Everyone loves going in store, but often we forget the online option! The great thing about H&M online is that you can see so many more things that you wouldn’t otherwise notice in a jam packed store environment.

15. Pilot

Pilot is all about delivering that ‘cool girl style’ and is your go to shop for the latest trend led styles at an amazing price! Think of it as the online version of Primark – which we all love.


There you have it! All the stores you need to update your wardrobe on a budget! Don’t forget the majority of these offer further student discount meaning more SAVINGS!!! If you know of any others, feel free to let us know in the comments below.


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