Step 1 – Pick a Theme or Colour Scheme

Before you start ‘doing’ make sure that you actually think about what you want. There is no point in going about decorating a space with no initial ideas about colour scheme and overall design because this WILL make you go over budget. You need a plan, and you need to stick to it.


Step 2 – Start with the Walls

From personal experience, the best way to give your room that overall look of transformation is to paint your walls. Many people think paint is quite expensive but remember quite often the cheaper ‘own’ paint brands do the job just as well. If you’re someone like me who likes to change the theme of my room every few years, paint your walls white and then you can add colour through your accessories and change it out when you want to without re-painting the walls.
Step 3 – Add ‘a little something’ to the Walls

Right so now you’ve painted your walls you want to add a little pizzaz to them and this is where you can really get creative. There are so many DIY picture/ art projects that you can do and eventually display on your walls. One project that is really easy and looks great is this geometric art below. All you need is a canvas, some paint and some tape – and it really makes your walls pop!
Step 4 – Up Cycle your Furniture

If you’re really unhappy with the colour of your furniture …. Paint it !!!! I know a lot of people are sceptical about painting furniture but it really is a great, cheap and effective solution. If you want to make your surfaces pop a great thing to do is to apply some adhesive marble vinyl (very cheap) which will give your room a very luxurious appearance. Don’t’ forget the little things … like the handles. If you can’t afford to get a whole new set of draws just find some new nice looking handles and replace the existing ones.
Step 4 – The Bed

The bed is most certainly the centre of your room, so you want to make it look great. Bedding is quite often really expensive, but I have a solution! Buy plain white sheets and pillows as your base (Very cheap !) and then add some colour and texture with a thrown and a range of different pillows to display at the front of the bed. I promise you, this will look fab! (And it literally costs a fraction of what you would pay for a complete bedding set!)


Step 5 – Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are all the rage at the minute so it wouldn’t be right for me to miss them off! Nowadays you can get these lights in all sorts of lengths, with all sorts of bulbs and all sorts of colours!


Step 6 – Make a Photo Wall

This is one of the best ways to make your room, YOUR ROOM. Print off some of your favourite pictures, tie them up with some string and hang them across your room! Easy as that!


Step 7 – Add a little green

I can explain it but as soon as you add in a little green into a room there is a sudden freshness that comes with it! That doesn’t mean you have to maintain a live plant, simply just by a plastic one that looks great without the upkeep.


TOP TIP: DIY as much as possible. Not only is this a cheaper option but it’s a great feeling knowing that you actually worked and invested time into your own personal space. 


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