When shopping for your dorm you often get caught up in the decorations and bedspreads it can be easy to forget some essentials. Here are 10 things that are easily forgotten when dorm shopping.


With the tiny closets that come with the dorm you’re bound to have wrinkled clothes with all your clothes crammed on space it is nice to have a compact iron on hand.iron


With all of your assignments given and your packed schedule it will be hard to go to the library everyday to print out an assignments so having a printer on hand in your room will come in hand for finishing papers at 3am for your 8am class.

3) Brita Pitcher

With no kitchen or bathroom in your dorm room it is hard to keep water on hand so getting a Brita Pitcher will be a lifesaver. And the mini ones fit easily in your mini fridge.

brita4. Hanging Shoe Shelf

The one bad thing about living in a dorm is the limited closed space and even more limited shoe space so getting a hanging shoe shelf will save space and allow you to bring the maximum amount of shoes.

shoe hanger

5. Fan

Some dorm rooms might not have a central AC unit so having a fan on hand will be helpful keep you cool during those hot nights.


6. Bedside Caddy

Depending on how to you setup your room or the amount of space in your room you may not have the opportunity to have a bedside table so having a bedside caddy to hang on the side of your bed to put some essentials in like your phone, water, notebook, or chapstick.

caddy7. Storage ottoman

Having a storage ottoman can triple as a stepstool for your bed if you lofted it, an extra seat for when your friends come over, and an extra place to store things like food, shoes, or linens. They are also small enough that you could store it under your bed when you need more space.


8. Mini Vacuum

It is nice to have this for the small messes in your room and keep a tidy room and also compact and easy to store.


9. Bedrest Pillow

This is nice for those day when you want to just stay in bed and study or have your weekly netflix marathon and it will be a lifesaver for your back and your neck.


10. Felt Hangers

These hangers are space savers because they are thinner than regular hangers so you can fit more in your closet and the felt helps keep your clothes from slipping off the hangers.


11. Expanding File Folder

Having this file folder is nice to organize all your important documents you might need for school like birth certificate, SS card, passport, or any medical documents you need on hand.

organizer folder

12. Mini Sewing Kit

This is essential for those surprise rips and tears that terrorize your wardrobe especially those tattered sweatpants you wear to every 8am class.


13. First Aid Kit

Whether it is a traditional first aid kit or a box with tampons, condoms, and ibuprofen, it is nice to have a few medical essentials on hand.


14. Kitchen Utensils

Even if you do not have a kitchen in your room it’s essential to have have a few dishes around for the small meals you’ll make in your dorm. Be sure to pick up spoons, forks, knives, bowls, plates, a can opener, and different size containers to store food or take food on the go.


15. Over the Door Hanger

This is a storage saver weather you put your coats or bags on it plus its a nice place to put your towels on to dry after a shower.

door hanger



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