You don’t need to splash out for flawless-looking skin. Pristine packaging and a designer tag can have us dolling out the cash for overpriced products that, often enough, are little different from their cheaper counterparts. So if your bank balance is looking a little unloved or you’re simply looking to save some money, these cheap drugstore foundations will have you looking like a million dollars.

1. L’Oreal Infallible, £8.99

There’s a reason this foundation has become a favourite with beauty bloggers; not only does it give uh-mazing coverage, but it lasts all day.


2. Rimmel Stay Matte, £6.49

A light weight formula, this foundation is a great pick if you’re looking for a natural-looking finish with minimal shine.


3. The Ordinary Serum Foundation, £5.70

If you haven’t tried The Ordinary range yet, it’s about time you did. With a-hell-of-a-long waiting list, this beauty-cult favourite’s popularity alone is proof of its brilliance.


4. No.7 Perfect and Protect, £16.50

Boots’ affordable makeup brand boasts some great products, and this foundation is no exception. Not sure which shade is for you? No.7 offers a ‘matching’ service in store, so you can get the perfect fit.


5. Bourjois Healthy Mix, £9.99

If you’re looking for an I-woke-up-like-this finish, then this product fits the bill. Not only does it blend beautifully, but it gives a light/medium coverage and prevents shine. It’s only flaw is that I had to reapply in the afternoon as it wore off a little, but for the price it’s a definite must.


6. Rimmel Wake Me Up, £8.99

As a keen Netflix-until-the-sun-rises kinda girl, this dewy foundation is my skin’s saviour on groggy mornings. With a hint of glitter (always a plus), its bright finish is enough to banish dark circles and fool any suspecting colleagues/friends/lecturers.

wake me

7. Maybelline Fit Me, £7.99

Oily skin can be a burden when you’re foundation-hunting. Will it stick? Will it highlight my pores? Will it minimise oiliness? Yes, my friend, yes it will. This product has long-been a regular in my makeup bag. Not only does it reduce the appearance of pores but it has a lovely matte finish. Win win.


8. Revlon ColorStay, £12.99

Revlon have aced the foundation stakes with this long-wearing formula for oily skin. As someone who’s prone to spots, I’m always on the lookout for a product that doesn’t clog pores and this kept my breakouts at bay.


9. Max Factor Face Finity All-day Flawless, £12.99

A great all-rounder, this foundation neither highlights dry patches or rubs off oily skin. Better still, I found no need to reapply later in the day.


10. NYX High Definition, £14.00

Struggle with dryness? This is the foundation for you. With full coverage and a slightly dewy finish, the foundation’s only flaw is that you may need to touch up after lunch.



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