Top 10 Study Hacks to Ace Your Exams


Studying = student + dying

If only studying for exams can be as exciting and lovable as looking at puppies – Awww!

Well, great news. We’ve rounded up the top study hacks to ace your exams – and make it more fun! So keep reading.


1. Don’t learn by rote.

This is a no-brainer. Blindly memorizing doesn’t work; understand instead. For example, we can paraphrase this text:

A is B.

So, B is A.


2. Memorize only if there’s no other option.

Like the year event X happened, or the order of the elements in the Periodic Table. Memorize by making it memorable. For instance, check out this cool Harry Potter mnemonics for the elements in the Periodic Table.


periodic table ace exams study hacks


3. Make it as interactive as possible.

Reading through the material isn’t the best way to remember what you learned. Instead, teach your friends, join a study group, create flash cards, or draw diagrams.

heart diagram study hacks ace exams

4. Set goals to motivate yourself.

Yes, we all need that. There is nothing more demotivating than NOT knowing the end-purpose of your battles to read that history essay.

So set specific goals – and aim high! As we all know, the results are usually lower than our expectations.

For example, this isn’t specific enough: “I want to get good grades.”

Instead, say: “I will score above A for all subjects.”


5. Manage your time well by scheduling.

Time to allocate blocks of time to study! And of course, don’t forget to schedule breaks in between.

Scheduling helps us to keep track of our activities. Keep in mind, though, that your schedule must be reasonable. Turns out, we tend to overestimate what we can get done in a day.

schedule study hacksace exams


6. Take breaks.

So how long should we study before taking breaks? According to a research done by The Muse, the ideal work time is in bursts of 52 minutes, followed by 17 minutes of rest. Random numbers indeed.


cover study hacks


7. Kiss procrastination goodbye.

Ah, the temptations to procrastinate. We college students have perfected the fine art of procrastination since high school. We procrastinate to avoid studying and sometimes delay sleep too.

But chances are, procrastination increases our chance to ace the exams by … 0.1%. Not good. So how exactly can we overcome procrastination?

Let’s remember Nike’s tagline – Just do it.

That’s right! Just take that first small step, and you’ll find yourself keep going.


Porcrastination study hacks


8. Find your best study method – no matter how weird it is.

Everyone’s study preference is different. Most of my friends either study by reading aloud or rewriting everything. Me? I stare deeply into the heart of the textbooks. It bewilders both my friends and family. But hey, it works for me! So why not?


9. Revise, revise, and revise.

That’s the key to remembering what you learned!

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10. Exams are over – Rejoice!

Just think of all the fun things you can do once you have studied hard.

“Wait for me, Buzzfeed! I’m coming for chu.”

Plus, you can sleep as much as you want, attend concerts, draw pandas, read horoscopes, geek out at the latest tech trend, have a chili-eating competition with your friends … whatever you feel like.


study hacks ace exams


Yup, do those 10 things, and you will ace your exams. Good luck!


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