You wrote an articulate cover letter and construed an incredible resume. You received a call back for an interview, took a week to find the perfect outfit, nailed the interview and was offered the internship. Now what? Just because you received the internship, it does not mean you have to slack off and start dressing lazy. No, you need to look the part now. But sometimes, you get so busy and caught up with your school or work or your personal life, that you don’t have the time to actually go out and buy clothes for your internship. That’s okay! There are many affordable places online for the perfect internship outfit.

1. ThredUP is a fashion resale website for consumers to buy and sell secondhand clothing online.

ThredUP offers a wide range of clothing from junior sizes to women sizes to petite sizes to plus sizes. They offer a wide range of designer brand names at a discounted sale. You can find items by filtering what you want exactly – if you want the clothing to be completely new and with tags or if you don’t mind if the item was slightly worn. There are brands consisting of Loft, Banana Republic, Express, Ann Taylor and so much more, and they are discounted at HALF the price. This is a great place to shop for professional or office clothing. They have a search bar when you can look up what exactly you were looking for and narrow it done to what size, brand, color and even price! Prices are as low as 99 cents and can range to almost $90. And the best part? There’s a discount code of 40% off your FIRST purchase. You can purchase so many items at any budget. $50 budget can also buy you a couple blazers and dress pants. With ThredUP, you’ll be all set for internship outfits. You get to act the part and look the part. This site also offers clothing for men, so it’s not just for women and girls! Boys and men are able to shop here as well.

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2. Although Ann Taylor is a shop you can see in person, it’s also a convenient online shop for internship outfits.

Ann Taylor is definitely pricier than ThredUP but they have a wide variety of clothing. You can shop for numerous internships here at Ann Taylor! You can find the perfect knee-length skirt, the perfect blazer or even the perfect dress! They have sizes ranging from petite girls to taller girls. There is a size for everyone.


3. Loft offers clothing that is feminine and casual but also for business and the office.

You can find your perfect internship outfit here at Loft. They have amazing styles and they always have a good sale going on. The quality is amazing and soft that you might just want to live in their clothes forever. They also have accessories for you so you can have the perfect internship outfit.


4. H&M is an in-person store but is also available online.

H&M offers fashion at amazing prices with sizes for babies, children, teenagers, women and men. H&M is always up to date with the fashion trends but they are also classy and chic with their professional office wear. Their clothing is at an inexpensive price and ranges from many different sizes. There’s a style and color for everyone!

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5. Topshop is a British multinational fashion retailer with over 500 shops worldwide.

There are only a few Topshop stores in the United States so for the majority of women, they shop online. Topshop can be a bit pricey but their material is phenomenal. Their site is easy to maneuver. They even have style collections for any outfit. They have a specific “workwear” collection that you can view to find the best possible internship outfit. Everything is unique and catered to whichever style you prefer.

Topshop Screenshot Website

6. Boohoo is an affordable online fashion website that stays up to date with trends.

Boohoo has amazing sales and prices that you can not turn down! Although they have clothes for the summer time or a night out, they do offer clothing specifically for the office and internships! Their clothes are available for women, men and children! You can shop for your internship outfits but also for your partner’s work outfits and even kids! You can find exactly what you are looking for with their search bar. It’s easy to find the perfect blazer. And the best part? No matter where you are in the world, they have a money exchange currency, so if you’re in the United States or even Canada, you can easily change the currency. And it’s free shipping after 50.

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7. MakeMeChic is known for their trendiness and up to date fashion.

MakeMeChic‘s prices are affordable and inexpensive. They have clothing for the summer and date nights, but they also certainly have clothes to help you find the best internship outfits. They have blazers in different lengths, styles, colors that there’s a perfect blazer for everyone. They also contain tops that are cute and trendy but totally appropriate for any office and internship setting. And they’re always having a sale.

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8. Modcloth is for anyone who is interested in indie and vintage style.

For anyone who thinks it is impossible to find the best internship outfit for their indie style, you are wrong! Modcloth has many affordable clothes including dress pants, button downs, beautiful blouses and tunics. Modcloth is known for their unique style. Their dress pants are one a kind and you will definitely stand out (in a good way) at your internship. Their prices vary from super inexpensive ($10) to super expensive ($200). But depending on your budget, this place has a unique style.

Modcloth Screenshot Website

9. ClothingUnder10 is for anyone on a budget.

ClothingUnder10, that’s right, is clothing under 10. Their most expensive item is $12.99 but everything is typically $10 and below. Their site has cute tunics and fashionable tops that will help you look professional and stylish at your internship. Everything is affordable and the quality is great, too! You can wear them over and over again, regardless of how “cheap” the price is. They have a unique style but it’s fashionable and presentable.

ClothingUnder10 Screenshot Website

10. 599fashion is for anyone that is on a serious budget.

I know what you’re thinking – Fashion for $5.99? It must be cheap! This website is for children, teenagers, women and men! It ranges from all sizes to petite to curvy to plus sizes. This site is for anyone on a serious budget but still wants new clothes for their internship. Their most expensive item is $10, but a majority of the time, they have clothing under $5.99, hence the name. The quality is decent – it does not tear on you during the first wear and you can definitely wear over & over. They are always up to date with fashion and they are super affordable. They have a variety of clothing from blazers to dress pants to flats to button downs. If you still want to go shopping but only have $50, then this the place for you.

599fashion Screenshot Website

Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive and finding the perfect internship outfits doesn’t have to be hard. These online websites are great for finding the perfect internship outfit or even an office outfit. Most of them are inexpensive but all of them have great quality!


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