There are hundreds of bars in London, each with its own theme and clientele. However, no matter where you go there will always be certain types of girls you will meet, so here are the 10 Types Of Girls You’ll Meet At A London Bar to help you know who you’ll meet on your next Friday night

The Pulled Together.

These are the girls that sit in the corner, in their VIP booth sipping their drink and occasionally taking a selfie for Instagram. These girls leave the bar with their makeup as pristine as when they came in, and never make a fool of themselves. You wish you were as pulled together at the end of your night, but those 2-1 tequila shots just always get the better of you.




The Drunk Crier.

If there is one thing this girl is guaranteed to do by the end of the night, is that she is going to bring the waterworks. When the Drunk Crier has one too many drinks, after somebody mentioning her ex-boyfriend, her job or anything else for that matter, she is going to break down into a flood of tears. The rest of your night will be sitting in a quieter corner, trying to reassure her that everything will be fine while she insist that it’s the end of the world for her. Bring a tissue for this girl.




The WOO Girl

When you’re in the bar, the song will change and you’ll undoubtedly hear a high-pitched shriek. Enter the Woo Girl. This girl will woo at any opportunity, unable to contain her excitement about Justin Bieber coming on the speakers, or that she’s just done a shot, or just because she can. This girl looks like the ultimate party girl, drink in one hand as she drags ‘her gurls’ onto the dance floor to dance to her jam, looking like she’s having a better night than you.




The Dancer

This girl puts all other girls to shame. While you’re barely able to keep balance in your heels while bobbing from foot to foot, the dancer is in the middle of the dance floor showing all her well pulled together moves. A six-inch pair of stilettos is no problem for her as she puts her lifetime worth of dance training into use; all you can do is stand back and watch while awkwardly attempting to do the running man and not fall over.




The Smoker

This girl enters the bar, grabs a drink and makes a beeline for the smoking area. There she’ll spend the rest of her night with a cigarette in hand, occasionally being brought new drinks, and talking to whatever person is close to her at the time. As she get drunker, the more incoherent she’ll become, and there’s no doubt her main topics will consist of politics and the environment.  The only time the smoker will leave her spot is to make trips to the bathroom, and the only indication she’ll have that the bar is closed is being told to leave by the bouncers.




The Man Eater

This girl comes to the club surrounded by a group of her best girls, but pretty soon only has one thing on her mind… where are the good-looking men? A few drinks down and she will spend the night curled up in a corner with a new guy, who she probably won’t see again after that night (or the following morning.) She doesn’t bring much cash as she knows she won’t be paying for drinks that night, but hey.. it’s a great way to save some money.




The Food Lover

The Food Lover’s favourite part of the night, is the end of the night. The call of the local kebab shop, or McDonalds is too much for her and she’s often been known to leave the bar early to make sure she gets her favourite drunk time snack. This girl has even been known to try and sneak snacks into the bar, and if that fails will be grumpy until she has had her first chicken nugget if the night.




The Snoozer

While everyone else is enjoying their drink, or has taken to the dancefloor, the snoozer has found a nice comfortable seat or bar top rest her head upon. As soon as she has her first drink you can visibly see her eyelids droop, as she yawns throughout the night and will probably end up leaving well before closing to get home and catch a few extra zzz’s. She’ll be refreshed in the morning while everyone else will be wondering around in a hungover haze, so maybe there are some perks to being her.




The Sloppy Drunks-1ded38c739043aa9cc32d138531b32d6c8854143

This girl does not know her limits, and after downing her 10th drink and doing too many tequila shots, she is well past drunk. The Sloppy Drunk can be found clutching the nearest person to steady her Bambi on ice legs, while her unfocused eyes try desperately to find the people she came with. She will tell every person she see’s that she loves them, that she’s not drunk at all and having the best night ever… but in reality she should probably get a taxi home ASAP.




The Bathroom BFF

There is no doubt that we have all been somebody’s bathroom BFF at least once. This is the girl you meet in the queue for the bathroom, she’ll compliment you on your hair and you’ll tell her you love her shoes… before you know it you’re telling each other all about your lives and hopes and dreams. You’ll share a toilet cubical before promising to find each other again later, and that will be the last you’ll see of your Bathroom BBF. All that will remain is a few pictures and your next day drunken memories.




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