10 types of guys you will meet in Edinburg (and potentially date):

Guys all have that personality that sets them apart from the crowd, they all have something we either seek or somehow fall into. So here are 10 types of guys you’ll find in Edinburgh, where you date or not you’ll still find these ‘characters’ ……


  1. The freeloader:

The one who smokes weed, which everyone who lives in Edinburgh knows that you’ll smell everywhere you go or will find any excuse to smoke. He is usually found in the summer months hanging around the meadows, chilling and talking about either his travelled backpacking in Europe or the year he spent working in Australia and how much he misses it. Additionally, this guy has clothes that’s seen better days and he can never seem to wear shoes. You’ll find this attractive and freeing in the beginning, until the point he becomes too much when he can’t even pay for a chocolate bar as he is still in travel mode and won’t get a job. Or he’s still raving about that musical festival he went to 4 years ago. For you, you want to grow up and be more adult, for him he’s happy paying nothing and sleeping on your couch.

10 guys 1


  1. The gym(oholic):

This one may have a rocking body but that’s about it. He has the ego of a typical ‘fuck boy’ status and has the personality of a sponge. He also thinks he can have anyone and everything. If you are much of a club goer In Edinburgh he can be seen always holding a drink, never dancing but eyeing up and chatting to women usually in a booth somewhere. This guy is always tanned and has perfect teeth, he even dresses better than you and has such as cheeky smile that you ponder on why you always fall for those 2am ‘you up?’ texts and this is exactly why. At all costs stay away from this posh boy because he’s guaranteed to make you think you are in love but eventually you just feel worthless and lose faith in all guys for a while.

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  1. The older ‘Gentleman’:

He’s still young at heart and wants to feel young on the inside, so in order to do this feels the need to put a hold on his ageing issue to focus on you. You pursue him because you wish to feel more mature and that he’s more experienced unlike all those ‘boys’ out there. You soon realise that those stares in the street or his ‘cant keep up attitude’ wears you down. If you wanted an older gentleman you should be at least getting paid for it, much like a sugar daddy. Edinburgh is full of them and they are usually wearing suits and trawling George street. They begin to treat you like a kid so save yourself the hassle and find someone who doesn’t feel ancient or judge you.

10 guys 10



  1. The guy you’re friends with/ friend zoned:

You’ve been friends forever and never really thought of going there, but now that some time has past and you’ve seen each other at your worst, then maybe it wouldn’t be too bad if you got together. You surely think that it couldn’t ruin a good friendship? After calculating, you find that it would be much easier to keep him as a friend and never take the risk. Never feel regret for this one, you did the right thing and its better for both of you.

10 guys 3



  1. The one that turns out to be gay:

If I’m honest this one usually becomes either your bestie or your wingman. You meet him and he’s very friendly and actually wants to spend time with you so you think …JACKPOT! However, time passes and it begins to feel more like a friendship than someone you can date, everything feels off. One day you come across him on Grindr and he tells you all about the guy he wants to meet or have fun with. That moment can either make you feel like a fool or you can admit to what you were actually thinking, laugh about it and become great BFFs together. These guys are the best type in Edinburgh, they always have your back and they mean to create a genuine friendship without going ‘there’. Keep this one close as he may even have some hot friends he tries to set you up with.

10 guys 4



  1. The one you once slept with:

You either met him at halls in University or somewhere like Tinder or a night club. Either way you two slept together in a drunken one night stand but knew each other too well. Somehow you end up living in Edinburgh more permanently and because it’s not the biggest city in the world you keep bumping into each other. It becomes inevitable and the more it happens the more you consider moving away to an entirely new continent. This one is the worst as all your friends constantly point out they also saw him, there’s just no escape.

10 guys 5



  1. The entrepreneur:

This one is a typical Edinburgh guy, he’s always coming up with new business ideas and always working on the go. He clearly wants to be a part of the Edinburgh alumni network of the rich and powerful, yet you can never keep up. You feel inferior as his work just seems that little more important than living, but if you’re honest you’re happy he tries because maybe one day he will make it. I guess this one just looks for that little support on the side and you yourself feel good about encouraging him, at least you know he can commit to one thing.

10 guys 6



  1. The one more obsessed with dogs than you:

There’s something about the love of dogs in Edinburgh, people really do love the sight of them. This is probably because no one can either afford to have one as their landlord won’t allow or because they know it’s a hit with the ladies. These guys you’ll find are sometimes a joy to be around as you feel like you have that one thing in common but that’s where it ends and we all know that the dog talking eventually becomes boring.

10 guys 7



  1. The one you become their therapist:

These guys are the worst, they message asking stupid questions about their problems, whether they are to do with girls, career advice or something existential. Quite frankly just hire a therapist and stop wasting our time. You never achieve anything from it and they won’t stop messaging, and it always has a sexual element to it which begins to become old quickly. Avoid this one like the plague, because that’s all he ever becomes.

10 guys 8



  1. The one with issues:

One minute he’s a joy to be around and everything is great, the next hell either be depressed and become a drain on your emotionality. He has a split personality becoming angry and wanting to fight everyone or hideaway with anxiety. He’s neither up nor down, he’s all over the place, and quite frankly you would rather just go back to being alone and normal. Your life no longer becomes your own and you lose sight of yourself because of the constant worry for this one. He either gets help or learns to take you into consideration once in a while.

10 guys 9


If anything these 10 types of guys are always around in Edinburgh, theres no avoiding the inevitable but if anything this should be a great heads up on what to expect so the next time you do meet one, you’ll be prepared.


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