With fall coming around, that means it’s sweater weather. The weather here is getting cooler and cooler and now, it’s time to keep yourself warm with sweaters. But not just any sweaters, you can keep yourself warm with choker sweaters. Choker sweaters are stylish and trendy but will keep you warm at the same time.

1. Basic Outfit
For anyone who just wants a basic outfit, this is perfect. All this girl did was throw on her choker sweater and paired it up with some jeans and the look is still cute! Choker sweaters make your outfit look less boring and although this outfit is simple, it’s still stylish and trendy.

Kelly Choker Sweater (Camel) – ootdfash

2. Stylish and Warm

This outfit is related to the first outfit. This outfit is basic and simple, but this girl also looks warm and stylish. The color gray is perfect for fall and winter. The v neck makes the outfit look sexy but cute and warm. When in doubt, wear a v-neck choker sweater!

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3. The cropped look

For anyone who loves sweater and crop tops, this look is perfect for you. Just throw on some low-rise jeans and a slightly cropped choker sweater and then you’ll have a “cropped outfit.” This outfit is simple since the sweater is white but it’s still cute and trendy for fall. You’ll still feel warm and stylish at the same time. Also, throw on some jewelry to dress up the outfit as well.

The Alma Knit Sweater

4. Slouchy

For anyone who loves oversized baggy sweaters, this look is for you. Throw on a baggy oversized sweater with a choker and pair it up with jeans and you’ll still have a stylish outfit. Throw on some cute boots and accessories and although your outfit is slouchy, it’s still trendy and stylish.

5. Girly

For all of my girly fashionistas, who said sweaters had to be boring? Throw on a pink sweater and accessorize it with distressed jeans, a cute hat and some accessories and you’ll still look trendy! You’ll still have that girly vibe and still look cute. Wearing pink can turn any outfit look girly and cute. Sweaters don’t have to be boring with this look!

6. The Faux Look

For all of my ladies who do not own any choker sweaters, there’s no need to fear. Sometimes, you have to fake it before you make it. You can throw on any sweater and accessorize it. Throw on an actual choker and put some bracelets on paired with a nice pair of jeans and boots, and then you have the choker look! This look is still cute and you’ll still fit in with everyone so there’s no need to worry.

7. Simple

Keep your outfit simple with a plain thick sweater. Sometimes, the best outfits are the most simple one. Throw on a black choker sweater or a black sweater and pair it up with an actual choker. Then, throw on your favorite denim jeans and you’re good to go. Chokers can change your entire look and make it look more dressed up!

8. The Ribbed Look

For all of my fashionistas who loved the “ribbed” material, this look is for you. You don’t have to have an actual choker sweater. You can throw on any sweater, like this one but this color is perfect for Fall. This color will make you fall ready and then, throw on an actual choker and pair it up with your favorite jeans. Dress it up with a hat and some boots and you’ll be Fall ready with everyone else!

9. The Ripped Look

Who doesn’t love ripped jeans? For all of my ladies who cannot ditch their ripped jeans, you do not need to anymore. Pair your jeans up with a choker sweater and you’ll look like the most stylish gal around. Black and gray is the perfect color combination. You’ll look stylish and warm!

10. The Cute Look

Who doesn’t love the color pink?! Sweaters don’t have to be boring with the same dull colors. Throw on your favorite pink sweater! Pair it up with jeans, a stylish joker and your favorite heels for a girly girl look. This look will have you ready for Fall but also stylish, trendy and cute at the same time. You never have to say no to sweaters again.

11. School Chic

For all of my ladies who love wearing skirts, you don’t have to say no to them this fall. If the weather is still pretty cool but not cold, throw on your cutest skirt! Then, pair it up with a skin tight sweater. If you pair it up with bracelets and earrings, then you’ll have the perfect “school girl” look. School girl outfits are perfect for fall because you’re cute, warm and stylish!

12. Simple and To the Point

Not an accessary person? That’s perfectly fine. You can have the simple and to the point look. Just throw on some denim jeans, your favorite pair of boots and a cute choker sweater. Afterwards, you’ll be ready to tackle on this Fall weather without freezing to death. You’ll look warm and totally presentable!

13. The trendy look

This is related for the girls who love wearing skirts, but really, who says you can’t wear skirts in the fall? Instead of throwing on your cutest skirt, throw on a corduroy skirt for a more textured look. Then, throw on a sweater and pair it up with thigh/knee high boots and guaranteed, you’ll be the most stylish person around. Skirts, sweaters, and boots? You are more than ready for fall!

14. The Sweater Dress

Fall is perfect for sweater dresses, but Fall is even more perfect for choker sweater dresses. If you don’t have a choker sweater dress, you can throw on any sweater dress and pair it up with a choker and then you’ll be Fall ready after. Throw on thigh high boots for an even more completely look and you’ll look warm but trendy at the same time.

15. Simplicity

Finally, related to a few of the looks above, this is the completely simple look. If you don’t care to dress up for the Fall but still want to look presentable, just throw on your favorite pair of jeans and skin tight choker sweater and then, you’ll be good to go. Sometimes, keeping it simple will go far in the long run. You’ll look presentable and ready for the day.

All of these looks are perfect for the fall. Don’t have any choker sweaters? What are you waiting for? Get to shopping because choker sweaters are so in this Fall. And once you buy your choker sweaters, look to these outfits for inspirations.

What do you guys think of the choker sweater look?


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