Living on your own your freshman year of college is the best thing. You and your roommate have a plan to decorate it a certain way and who will bring what. Living in a dorm is one of the best college experiences you will have in the four years of college. So many memories will be made in those small rooms that you will never forget. If you go in not knowing your roommate, you might end up with a best friend in the end! All of the dorms at Kent State are built for each student to have the full college experience. Here is my list of the best halls to live in as a freshman at Kent State.

1. Eastway

This hall is where only freshman can live, which makes it one of the best places to meet people! You stay in the Eastway dorms during DKS so you get a little taste of what it is like. This hall consists of four different buildings (Manchester,Fletcher, Allyn, and Clark). What else Eastway has to offer is the food. You will not have to walk far for BoarsHead or a drink. Eastway has their very own market for you to grab some snacks and groceries for your room. Above the market is the dining hall where you can grab a meal. During certain times of the year, Eastway will have specials like crab legs and steak. This is usually before Christmas and towards the end of the year.

2. Tri Towers

This building is one of the newer dorms on campus. Like Eastway, this building has a dining hall (Rosies) and a place to grab snacks easily. What also is very new is the gym in the building! If you are someone who likes to work out frequently, then Tri is a good option. The gym opened in spring semester of 2017 and has been super popular. This gym is only open to students who live on campus, so it wont be as crowded as the main rec. This building is located closer to the math and science buildings as well. So if you are majoring in something in those fields this is a good spot for you!

3. Centennial Courts (A,B,C,D,E & F)

This is the dorm that every single freshman wants. Why? Because of how new and big they are. These dorms come in a variety of options. You can do a single, double or quad. Most of these dorms come with their own bathroom, but you will notice the price is higher then a dorm somewhere else. The quad style room is you and three other people sharing one bathroom, which isn’t a bad option. If you and three other buddies come into Kent and you all want to love together, this would be a great option. Also, if you have a bathroom in your room, someone will be in to clean it once a week! These dorms are located on the outside of campus, almost near Tri Towers. This building does not have a food commons or a place to grab food, but it is close enough to places that do so that shouldn’t be an issue.

4. The Quad (Lake, Olson, Johnson, & Stopher)

This dorm is two different buildings. Lake and Olson is one building, and Johnson and Stopher is another. Lake and Olson are living learning communities which means these are for the people in the same major. Lake is for exploratory majors and Olson is for people in communications. I lived in Lake Hall my freshman year, and it was an experience for sure. I was included in the last batch of people to  live in Lake without air conditioning, but over the summer of 2017 it has been fully renovated. This hall is in the perfect spot of campus. Right in the middle. So no matter what major you have or thinking about the walk is about the same either way. It is also located right next to the MACC and Student Center so walking from there and back is extremely easy. Johnson and Stopher is located directly behind Lake and Olson, but the only difference is that Stopher and Johnson are for honors students only. So if you are placed into the honors college you will be living here, which is pretty nice. The dorms are renovated and extremely nice. This is also where you get your mail if you live in one of these four halls. Another bonus with living in Lake or Olson is the Que. This is what connects Lake and Olson together. This spot is a great place to finish some homework or just a place to relax. There is also a coffee shop there that sells Starbuck products!

5. NewFront (Dunbar, Prentice, Verder, & Engleman)

These dorms are not really heard of on campus. Plenty of people live in these dorms, but you don’t hear much about them other then Prentice. Prentice actually made nation wide news for being the first every gluten free commons on a college campus ever! I made frequent trips to this building because of the variety of food and fresh salads they have every day. Along with the cafeteria, they also have a market that is open until 2am! Here you can grab a few snacks for your room. These dorms are located right near the May 4th memorial, which is close to the center of campus. Not a bad place if you are looking for not much walking.

Freshman Year is like no other year…

The dorms at Kent State is what make your freshman year memorable. The memories I have, along with everyone else in your freshman dorm is like nothing you can recreate ever. This is the first time you are living on your own, so make the best of it. If you and your roommate get into a huge fight, work it out! There is no time so argue over small things, when the two of you could be making memories together. Have late night talks or movie marathons together. You will never regret going to Kent State and living in a dorm. Ask any upperclassmen and they can probably recall thousands of memories from their dorms. From living a dorm with no air conditioning to living in a dorm with their own bathroom, no matter where you end up, make the best of it! Cause if you don’t you’ll regret it! Good luck to the class of 2021! Get ready for a year full of experiences you thought you would never have. freshman



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