Ever sat down on a Friday night, whining to your BFF or boyfriend that you don’t know where to go for dinner? Don’t worry; we’ve all been guilty of this. Sometimes it’s a lack of options- sometimes you have a plethora and just can’t decide.

Adelaide is known for its varied and fun eateries. Did you know how many good vegan options there are, too? Don’t worry; these places are delicious to everyone. Here are a few top recommended places to check out.

1. The Sugar Shack

It’d be a lie to say I’m not a bit biased putting this one first as it’s one of my favourites. Doing a split vegan friendly/non-vegan menu, this quaint retro diner has it all. From freak shakes to vegan nacho schnitzel burgers, hitting up the Sugar Shack on The Parade in Norwood is a top contender.


2.Lord of the Fries

Every man and his son in Adelaide should know this new comer! Lord of the Fries, a popular established chain in other major cities, finally made its Adelaiden debut this year, and so far we haven’t seen it be anything less than packed! All vegan, ethically sourced food that gives back to the world, Lord of the Fries is a must visit hotspot for delicious and environmentally friendly food.



3. Two Bit Villains

Originally a small vegan soda shop set up in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall, Two Bit has spread in size and popularity the last few years. One of the first popular vegan restaurants, Two Bit took us by storm. It’s now located in the Adelaide Arcade, its spectacular balcony overlooking the mall as you eat your favourite vegan burgers.



4. Zenhouse

Zenhouse restaurant is a hop, skip and a jump away from the CBD. Located in Hindmarsh, it offers a fantastic variety of vegan/vegetarian fusion. “Yum” is definitely the word to describe this place!


While this certainly isn’t all  Adelaide has to offer in terms of vegan food, these are definitely some of the must not miss places to hit up. Do yourself a favour and slip on some comfy shoes; then head out and explore these plus the many more delicious food places Adelaide has to offer!


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