Okay, so congrats.  You landed an interview.  Just throw on a pair of jeans and go right?  WRONG.  Interviews for colleges and jobs definitely require a professional outfit.  Trust me, you do not want to stick out like a sore thumb among the pool of candidates.  Anyway… here is what NOT to wear to an interview and why.

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  • Yoga Pants- Ladies, leave your yoga pants for the gym.  College admissions counselors and possible future employers do not want to catch a glimpse of the Victoria’s Secret logo spread across your butt.  I don’t care how cute the dog is.  Lounge wear is definitely not suitable for an interview because it can cast an image of laziness and lack of motivation.  Don’t look like you just rolled out of bed.

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  • Too Much Jewelry- Keep it minimal.  Excessive jewelry takes the attention off your face.  Also, if the interview goes well you may be asked to fill out some paperwork.  It gets pretty annoying when your entire sleeve of bracelets clinks against the table multiple times.  I recommend wearing a watch to keep track of time, and maybe a simple necklace, especially if it holds a special meaning to you.

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  • Ripped Jeans- You know those jeans that show almost the entire length of your leg because there are gaping holes?  Not appropriate for the interview setting.  In general, it is a bad idea to show too much skin.  Interview outfits should stay on the conservative side in order to make the best impression.  If you really insist on wearing jeans, opt for a pair of non-ripped boot-cuts that can work with a pair of heels.

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  • Mini Skirts & Dresses- Again, avoid showing too much skin with your outfit of choice.  Dresses and skirts should hit just below the knee or even a little bit longer.  Tights are often a good option for cooler weather.  Looser fits are also better because they will not cling to your body.  If it’s windy, dress accordingly.

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  • T-shirts- Your interviewer does not care about your favorite band.  T-shirts with funny or inappropriate phrases or images on them are also not very appropriate to wear to an interview.  Keep it classy.

My go- to interview outfit is a nice pair of black dress pants, and a white blouse.  Throw a colorful or patterned blazer on top and you’re ready to go!

Note: Ironing is also a good idea.  You don’t want your clothing all creased and wrinkly!  Smiles are also a must- have!


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