Every college has its stereotypes and quirks. College of Charleston is a campus but also a way of life. If you’re in the south, it’s a lifestyle. You will find yourself remembering a moment from this list or chuckling from a story you’ve heard.

1.) You catch yourself ordering sweet tea at every opportunity. 

Your’e in the south, it’s a lifestyle. If you can order sweet tea, why wouldn’t you?



2.) You see someone wearing Lilly Pulitzer

Lets be honest, Lilly Pulitzer is amazing and preppy but the amount of times you see it in outfits at CofC will make you cringe. lilly-pulitzer-crop-top-skirt-set-tassels-10

3.) You see someone wearing Vineyard Vines

Another great brand, but also worn a bit too much. It doesn’t help that the store is a few blocks from campus. You know you see a pack of frat boys when you see a group of boys in Vineyard Vines and hats.


4.) You own a pair of Jack Rodgers

Everyone has a pair of Jack Rodgers, if you say you don’t, you’re lying.



5.) You, your friend, or someone by you trips on the sidewalk

This always seems to happen, especially to the freshman(me all the time at orientation). The sidewalks are uneven and bumpy since they are so old and historic, but just be aware and look down when walking. You don’t want to trip while walking to class and see that cute boy from your bio class.



6.) You catch yourself saying Y’all (especially if you are from the North and came down South)

Again, the south is a lifestyle so with that comes it’s own lingo.



7.) You can’t go a day without seeing something that has to do with pineapples

Pineapples represent southern hospitality and people just seem to love it. From the Pineapple fountain to pineapple designed tote bags, you will see pineapples.




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